Four Days of the Condor, or: wonko plays it safe

After playing a few hours of UT 2004 with Steve last Wednesday, my right wrist and hand fell victim to an astonishing amount of pain and discomfort. The usual tingling cool sensation in my hand (already a foreboding omen of doom) suddenly became waves of pain shooting up and down my arm.

So, in an attempt to keep things from getting any worse, I took Thursday and Friday off from work, donned a wrist brace, and resolved to avoid computers until Monday. With a few minor exceptions for which I used only my left hand, (a work-related semi-emergency and one or two emails) I succeeded in my goal. My wrist feels much better now, although the tingling and twinges of pain return quickly if I attempt to grasp a mouse. I’ve begun mousing left-handed; we’ll see how long it takes for me to destroy my left wrist now.

As a result of spending four days completely outside the influence of a computer, I ended up doing a lot of stuff. I got plenty of movie watching done on Thursday. On Friday I accompanied Matt to buy a set of speakers for his new home theatre (which has completely blown mine out of the water; thanks Matt). We spent the evening getting everything set up and, of course, watching a movie. Saturday included a refreshing bike ride with Steve (it’s easy to tell that the mouse was my downfall—as long as I didn’t try to shift gears right-handed, my wrist felt just fine) and a lazy afternoon spent lounging around on Matt & Felicity’s new patio furniture.

That evening, Felicity and I went to Hollywood Video to nab a copy of Jackie Brown and I was completely blindsided when we walked in and someone I had never met before said, “You’re Ryan Grove, aren’t you?”

I stammered some kind of affirmation, and the young man proceeded to say that he read my website and was a student at Merlo Station (my old high school). Still taken aback at the discovery that some completely random person in a video store knows who I am (this sort of thing hasn’t happened since my aforementioned high school days), it didn’t even occur to me to ask the guy what his name was or to make small talk. Not that it ever occurs to me to make small talk, but even so: if people are going to start recognizing me in public like some kind of famous person, I’d better learn how to act when it happens. So if you’re that guy from Hollywood Video, post a comment and let me know what your name is, will you? Also, how about this weather, eh?

Speaking of how famous I am, a friend of mine who spent some time teaching English in China a year or so ago told me that he was reading one day in the classroom and a student walked up and excitedly told him that they read my site too. So if you’re that Chinese student, post a comment and let me know what your name is, will you? And how’s the weather in China?

Now that I have two whole fans that I don’t even know, I’m obviously well on my way to fame. That’s one life goal I can check off my list. Next up: fortune. Fortune comes with fame, right? The more fans I have, the richer I’ll get, right? Right?

Update: Apparently I have oodles of fans. I rule.