Foot-biting attack kitten of DOOM

Qubit is a little pill. This morning I got out of the shower and was about to go to work when I realized she hadn't greeted me at the bathroom door like she usually does. I wandered around the apartment calling her name, but got no response. I checked her favorite hiding places: under the comforter on my bed, in the shelf under the entertainment center, above the cabinets in the kitchen. No Qubit.

Then I heard a tiny bump from the kitchen. I started peeking in cabinets, and lo and behold, there was Qubit! She had figured out how to paw the cabinet door open and was sitting very happily inside the cabinet, purring, apparently waiting for me to find her.

She likes playing games like that. Another game she's developed recently involves viciously attacking my feet when I'm on the phone.

She also loves to bat her dry food from her food dish into her water dish. Then she'll sit and watch it soak up water for a moment, and when it's soaked long enough, she'll poke at it, then happily lick the flavored water off her paw.

Such a pill, but she's cute, so I keep her around.