Flickr and EXIF location data

If, like me, you've got a bunch of photos on Flickr that already have GPS location data embedded in their EXIF information and you want Flickr to use that data to place your photos on their spiffy new (and by "new" I mean "introduced approximately last summer but I didn't really notice until now") photo map, you're probably a little miffed that Flickr won't just grab all this lovely data from your photos automatically. In fact, for some reason, you've got to dig around in your account settings and click a checkbox before Flickr will pull this data from photos you upload in the future, and that still doesn't do anything for the hundreds of photos you've already uploaded.

This evening I set out to write a tool to automatically geotag all my photos, but then, to my great joy, I learned that someone else had already done the work for me. I love it when that happens.