Flash! Ah-ahh! He'll save every one of us!

I’ve been buying lots of DVDs lately, and one in particular keeps evading me. For weeks now I’ve been trying to buy the 1980 version of Flash Gordon on DVD. I went to every store in town looking for it. No luck. It turns out the DVD has been out of print for years. Eventually, after lots of searching, I found it online at BestBuy.com and ordered it.

A few days later it arrived, only they’d sent me the VHS version. So, back to the web browser I went. This time I decided to order a used copy from one of the Amazon.com Marketplace sellers. It arrived today, only it’s a DVD of one of the old 1930s Flash Gordon serials, not the 1980 movie. So much for that. I’ve now ordered it from yet another source, but only after confirming that the movie I ordered is indeed a DVD copy of the 1980 version.

It strikes me as odd that a cult classic as popular as the 1980 Flash Gordon could be so hard to find. What’s this world coming to?