First impressions of Yahoo!

It's been a while since I mentioned I had accepted a job at Yahoo!, and more than a few people have asked me when I was going to stop being lazy and write about what it's like working for Big Purple. Now that I've been there almost two months, I feel like I'm finally ready to give an accurate report.

So. What's it like? In a word: awesome. And by awesome I mean totally sweet.

Maybe it's just that right off the bat I've gotten to work on projects that are really interesting and that present lots of fun challenges, but so far I've been having a blast. I honestly can't remember the last time I've enjoyed a job this much. I can't wait to be able to show people what I've been doing.

I also love the environment. The people are friendly and smart, the campuses are beautiful, the coffee is free, and the food is delicious. Especially the cornbread. I'm absolutely in love with the cornbread served in the Yahoo! cafeterias, to the point where I've had to fight the urge to eat meals consisting entirely of cornbread and honey.

So far I've also managed to resist the urge to partake of the dessert bar, which is kept well-stocked with various kinds of delicious-looking pies and cakes and whatnot, but I imagine I'll eventually lose that battle. And what a delicious loss it will be.

As with any job, there will no doubt be good days and bad days, and I'll eventually develop complaints. I could probably already think of a few minor ones. But as long as the work is at least half as fun as it is now, and as long as they don't take away my cornbread, I think Yahoo! and I will have a long and happy relationship.