Final Poseidon status update (plus whining)

I’ve done very little work on Poseidon lately. The plan was to release an early alpha version after I got back from Hawaii, but for the last few months I just haven’t felt at all like touching it. Even when I’ve had the time to work on it, I’ve found myself instead working on other projects that interest me more. The problem is that I’ve written all the parts of Poseidon that interest me, and most of what’s left, while not difficult to implement, is just boring. And why would I want to work on something boring during my free time?

This, combined with the fact that blogging (as you may have noticed) isn’t nearly as important to me as it used to be, has got me worried that I’ll never get around to finishing this damn thing. There’s very little new or interesting about blogging anymore, and I’m not terribly interested in podcasting or videoblogging or any of that. I don’t read many blogs other than those of my close friends because the signal to noise ratio tends to be too low to be worth my time. I don’t have the time to generate much content for my own blog, so it’s mainly of interest only to people who know me or who use my software.

Given my loss of enthusiasm for Poseidon and my lack of interest in blogging in general, does it even make sense for me to keep writing a blog engine? Not really, no. I feel obligated to for the sake of everyone who expressed interest in Poseidon or offered to help, but no matter how bad I feel about disappointing people, the fact is I just don’t have the drive to make this thing not suck. As of now, I’m going to stop working on Poseidon.

That said, I’ve put too much work into Poseidon 1.0 to just throw it away. There are some good ideas there, and there’s a lot of finished code that could provide an excellent base for someone else to work from.

The code has been available via CVS from day one and will continue to be available there, but for convenience it’s now available as a zip archive as well:

Feel free to do whatever you want with it, as long as you comply with the terms of the GPL.