FedEx has invented either invisibility or time travel or both

According to their website and a delivery notification email, FedEx left a package on my porch today at 3:26pm. This package contained the old decommissioned Jetpants server that UPS botched the delivery of when I originally shipped it to the hosting facility two years ago. Amazingly, the package that FedEx delivered at 3:26pm didn’t actually appear until 3:43pm.

What magic is this? Has FedEx invented time-delayed invisible packaging? Have they discovered the secret of time travel? Sadly, no. They’re merely incompetent.

When the driver appeared with the package at 3:43, Felicity asked him why I had received a delivery notification email at 3:26. After joking that she should lie and tell me that she hadn’t seen the package at first because “someone had moved it”, he said that he had scanned it as soon as he was in the neighborhood to “get a jump on it”.

Tell me, FedEx: what good does it do me to be notified that my package has been delivered 17 minutes before it’s actually delivered? When I discover, during that 17 minutes, that I have no package, what do you think my first reaction will be?