In addition to getting a job and searching for a house to rent (the lease on my apartment is up next month and, as usual, the bastards are raising my rent), I've also spent quite a bit of time recently working on something I've wanted to do for a long, long time: a DVD.

I've been making silly videos for years now with the help of various friends (especially Brunslo, my very own Ben Affleck), and it turns out I've actually got enough of them under my belt to cram onto a dual-layer DVD. They're not cinematic masterpieces by any means, but I am proud of some of them, and most people have never seen them in their full-resolution, high-bitrate glory. I've even dug up a few of my earliest works (also featuring the great Brunslo, naturally) that most people have never seen.

We're not skimping on this thing, either. I've spent a great deal of time and effort (and wailing and gnashing of teeth) [I can't tell you how long I've wanted to digitally remaster something, just like George Lucas.|digitally remastering] every single video to make them look and sound better than they ever have before. Loren and I are also recording commentary tracks and video introductions, and if there's any space at all left on the disc, I'd like to include some raw, unused footage from certain videos as well.

I'd say we're about two-thirds done. Loren and I have to do our commentaries and intros, and I still need to round up a VCR so I can pull a long lost stinker off of VHS, and then we'll be ready to unleash this thing on the world. We can't make any money off it, of course, since I haven't licensed any of the music. Hell, giving it away is probably illegal too. I don't know. It's mostly a vanity project and an excuse for me to learn how to author a DVD, but if there's interest, I'd like to make the damn thing available to you folks. If nothing else, we'll sell 'em at cost or put the disc image up on Bittorrent or something.

What say you, readers? Interested?