Dating a stereotype

This morning I stumbled across some woman’s blog entry, Dating an Apple Developer, and cringed as I read it.

I don’t care if you sister is getting married or your grandmother dies. If your man has a project with a quickly approaching deadline forget about him being there.

The nice thing about most computer boys is that they don’t typically check out other women. The downside of this is that they don’t notice the other women because they are too busy checking out people’s cell phones and iPods. When it comes to boys and their toys your short mini skirt just can’t compare. Trust me – I have learned this the hard way.

Is it just me, or does her boyfriend sound like a real jerk? I hope she’s exaggerating.

I may not work for Apple, but I am a developer, and while I do occasionally obsess over a project, there is nothing more important to me than Felicity. If I’ve got a choice between meeting a deadline and spending quality time with the woman I love, it’s a no-brainer. The deadline can go screw itself.

And what’s this crap about her boyfriend not finding her sexually attractive because he’s too distracted by gadgets? I love me a sexy gadget, but the first thing I noticed about Felicity wasn’t her cell phone, and it still isn’t. And that’s not just because she’s using an old Nokia 3390 that I loaned her after she accidentally took her cell phone snorkeling in Hawaii.

Geek stereotypes (and the people who propagate them) really bug me. I’m the biggest geek there is, but I don’t fit most of the stereotypes and it’s insulting when I get lumped in with people who do. Emily, whoever you are, my advice is to either talk some sense into your boyfriend or find a guy who appreciates you more than his job.