Dash not-so-express

I got a mass email this morning from Dash CEO Paul Lego. It was sent to everyone who pre-ordered a Dash Express (which Dash had promised would ship by the end of February). As you might have guessed, the email contained a last-minute announcement that the units won’t actually be shipping in February:

We’ve spent the past few weeks conducting extensive product testing to assess our readiness to ship. While we’ve made a tremendous amount of progress on the product, we have a few remaining items we would like to address before we release it. We’d like to ask you to hang on for a bit longer as we complete this development work. We’re setting a firm ship date of March 27th, 2008, and are committed to doing whatever it takes to meet this goal.

Obviously I’m disappointed, since I’ve really been looking forward to the Dash Express. But I understand that they want to get things right, especially since this is their first product. I’m willing to wait a little longer for a higher-quality device.

That said, I’m angry. I’m not angry because the Dash Express was delayed or because there was no communication about the delay until the last minute; I’m angry because, in an obvious attempt to appease the disappointed masses, Dash has made the ridiculously stupid mistake of “setting a firm ship date of March 27th, 2008”.

You can’t have it both ways, guys. Either you’re committed to quality and you’re going to delay this product until you’ve got all the kinks worked out, or you’re committed to a date and you’re going to ship it—kinks and all—when that date hits. I’m willing to wait until Christmas if it means I’ll get a bug-free device, but I’m not willing to wait until March for a device that will be slightly less buggy than it would have been in February.