Carbonite responds

I finally got a response from Carbonite courtesy of their VP of Marketing, Swami Kumaresan. Looks like my email got lost in a spam folder and they didn't realize it until they found the blog post. Oops.


Our PR firm found your blog post about Carbonite and let us know. I then looked and found your email to David in the spam filter, sorry about that. David is traveling and asked me to reply on his behalf for now. But I've cc:ed him and I'm sure he'll respond as soon as he gets a chance. To answer your questions below:

  1. Vista will be support later this week.
  2. You're right - we're cleaning up the site and the UI.
  3. This is also on the To Do list and should be complete in the late spring.
  4. You're right about why...but good suggestion. I'll take this up with our product manager.

Again, sorry you didn't get a reply. We do try to reply to everyone, but spam filters and very hectic schedules can get in the way.


Swami Kumaresan
VP, Marketing

I didn't expect a response at all, so it's gratifying to hear that Carbonite is listening. It's even more gratifying that they seem to care about my suggestions.

I've got subscriptions for both Mozy and Carbonite now, so I'll keep an eye on them both and see how things shape up.