Bubba Ho-tep

Went and saw Bubba Ho-tep tonight with Ye Olde Tanasbourne Sextet (minus Lillis). It’s a bit light of plot and slow of pace, but for godssake it’s a movie about a rest home-bound Elvis and a black, covert JFK with a sandbag brain implant fighting an undead Egyptian mummy what sucks peoples’ souls out through their bumholes and writes lewd hieroglyphic graffiti on the bathroom walls while taking a crap. It’s not the sort of film you go see expecting plots or budgets or those whiz-bang new “special FX” the kids are all yappin’ about these days.

It sure was hilarious, though. Bruce Campbell is a badass. I’ll leave it at that, since I’m sure Felicity will write a much more in-depth literary critique complete with big words an’ everything.