Brain partitioning for fun and profit, or: How to have fun all the time and still get paid

If there's one thing I hate doing, it's anything anybody else tells me to. That doesn't mean I'll refuse to do it (although, more often than not, I'll look for ways to get out of it); it just means that doing it will make me unhappy. This poses a problem, because in order to earn money to buy pie, DVDs, and other necessities of life, I must do what other people tell me to do for at least forty hours out of the week. But I think I've got a solution.

Brain partitioning would solve all my problems. The concept is simple: my brain needs to be partitioned in a way similar to a one-way mirror. One side would take care of those forty hours of work and would have access to the whole of my stored memories and experience, although it could only store new memories within its own partition. The other side would be devoted totally to fun, and would be completely oblivious to the work partition.

Of course, in order for all of this to be beneficial, my "ego", or that part of my essence which I think of as "me", would only exist in the fun partition. The work partition would still have access to it, so it wouldn't lack a personality or anything, but "I" would only ever be "awake" when I was having fun; all the work would be done without my knowledge. You follow?

This way, the work still gets done and the paychecks still come in, but I never actually have to experience the toil and suffering of doing the actual work. The other me does that for me. And, to make it fair, work-me will have complete access to fun-me's experiences, so it's not like he'll be working all the time.

I guess my brain might already work this way, though. Maybe I just happen to be work-me. Crap.