Best weather EVAR

After two days of snow and ice, I went out and unfroze my car earlier this evening. It was literally covered in a solid sheet of ice. Almost every single square inch of surface area. The hood, roof, and trunk were the worst, with rock-hard ice as much as six inches thick, with packed snow underneath.

I started the car and ran it for fifteen minutes with the heater on full. Then I started chipping away the thinnest bits of ice. After some work, I managed to get my fingers under some of the thicker pieces, and at the expense of some numbed fingertips, I eventually managed to pry the ice off in huge chunks. The biggest single chunk came off the trunk. It was so big I had to lift it with both arms, and it felt like it weighed a good sixty pounds. Unfortunately, I’m retarded and completely forgot to take pictures, but there were witnesses, I swear.

After clearing off all the ice, I decided to try backing out of the driveway. I made it about ten feet before I got stuck. Lillis and Candice helped get me back into the driveway and we called it a night.

Have I mentioned I love weather?