Battle Royale

The concept of the book Battle Royale is simple. In an alternate-world fascist Japan, 50 junior high classes are chosen randomly each year. Each class is deposited on an island or in another secure, deserted location, where each student is given minimal supplies and one randomly-chosen weapon. They are then told that they must kill their classmates. The only way to survive is to be the last person standing. If nobody dies within 24 hours, everyone dies. Each student is forced to wear an explosive collar with an embedded tracking device. Every day, the surviving students are given a list of zones that will become forbidden at certain times. If they enter a forbidden zone, their collar explodes. This keeps them moving.

The book is controversial, violent, and intriguing. It makes you wonder what you would do if you were put in the same situation. And, naturally, it made me wonder what other people would do. So here’s the situation. You and 41 other people, some of whom are your good friends, some of whom are mere acquaintances, and some of whom you barely know, are chosen for the Program. You are taken to a small, deserted island and set free with one weapon each, and told that you must kill everyone else, as described above. The only way to survive is for everyone else to die. What do you do?