Backup software comment roundup: people love to hate Mozy

I’ve reviewed three different desktop backup applications on over the years: Carbonite, Mozy, and CrashPlan. I stopped using Carbonite because it was too basic and too expensive. I stopped using Mozy because I lost hundreds of gigs of data due to a hard drive failure and Mozy’s horrendously broken restore process made it impossible to restore many of my backed up files. I still use CrashPlan, which I love and which has reliably saved my ass several times.

My backup software reviews are among the most commented-on posts on this blog. People find them in searches and can’t resist adding their thoughts. These posts still get several new comments each week. Since my blog has become a repository of comments, both positive and negative, on backup software, I thought I’d tally up the totals.

To produce the graph below, I perused all the comments on this site that were attached to one of my backup software reviews or which contained the name of one or more of the aforementioned backup applications. I excluded my own comments and comments from users who clearly hadn’t actually used the software in question. This graph is a tally of all the positive and negative comments that remained for each application.

Graph of positive and negative comment counts

The totals are as follows:

Carbonite: 1 positive, 3 negative
CrashPlan: 7 positive, 1 negative
Mozy: 10 positive, 88 negative

I’m not sure the totals for Carbonite and CrashPlan are even statistically relevant, but it’s clear that people hate Mozy (or at least that people who search for Mozy and find this blog hate it).

Update: I’ve updated the totals and the graph to reflect the comments on this post as of 2009-08-14 17:53 PDT.