An Artsy Black and White Film

Today Candice threw a “creative outlet” party at her apartment. In addition to the usual crew, she also invited a ton of people from school, all female. The abundance of strangers and the threat of being forced to participate in crochet, beadwork, and the like prompted me to decline the invitation. Steve begged me to go so he wouldn’t be the only guy there, but I refused. “Too social,” I said, “and I’m only creative in antisocial ways.”

This afternoon, Steve called me from Candice’s place. Nobody showed up. They were all alone. I felt terrible. Poor Candice had been looking forward to this all week, and she’d begged us all to go, and we’d all declined (except for Steve, who couldn’t have even if he’d wanted to, what with being her boyfriend and all). So I told Steve I’d come over. I grabbed my camera on a whim, thinking maybe Steve and Candice and I could come up with something creative to do and then maybe Candice wouldn’t feel so bad.

By the time I got there, people had shown up. Steve apologized profusely for inadvertently tricking me into coming, but I couldn’t very well leave after having already walked in the door. So I tried to make the best of it.

This is the result:

Watch above in standard quality, or click here for HD.