All the leaves are brown, etc.

There are leaves everywhere. I don't think I've ever seen so many leaves on the ground. Did I just forget how many leaves there were last year, or is there something special about the trees this year that caused them all to dump their leaves on the same day or something?

Fall is okay, spring and summer are nice, but winter is my favorite time of year. Everything is so interesting in winter. Everything changes. It's cold outside, there are paid holidays everywhere you look, and then Christmas happens and there are kickass presents and awesome food that nobody ever eats during the rest of the year for some reason. And did I mention the paid holidays?

Every winter I cross my fingers and ask the Lords of Kobol for a big snow & ice storm right after the new year, so when Christmas vacation ends the roads will be all icy and I'll get to stay home from work for a few extra days and play in the snow like a little kid. So far it's worked every year except last year. This year I'm hoping for a real blizzard. Mother Nature owes me one. I can't wait.