Agh agh agh Ghostwheel is dying

One of Ghostwheel's four hard drives started clicking ominously about thirty minutes ago. The drives are part of a single dynamic volume, which means that if one goes, they all go. I knew when I chose this method over RAID that I'd eventually have to deal with a hard drive failure, but I decided it was a risk worth taking since all this data (mostly media) is technically replaceable anyway.

I've started transferring files to another machine, but the disk failure is progressing rapidly. Even the smallest files are taking forever to copy. And there's no way I can save all the data; there's almost a terabyte of it.

Sometimes I wish I lived on a deserted tropical island. Except, with my luck, I'd end up on the island from Lost and I'd have to type a bunch of creepy numbers into an old TRS-80 every 108 seconds to keep the world from ending.

Update: Did I say seconds? I meant minutes. Leave me alone, I'm tired.