A wildly productive Sunday

I took a tour of the apartment I was interested in. Well, not the apartment, but one like it. The actual apartment is being cleaned. Looks to be a very nice place though. I submitted an application this afternoon and, assuming my credit isn’t fucked up (which it shouldn’t be), I should have the place by the 10th.

The girl I’ve been dealing with at the leasing office has a really interesting accent. Her last name is Asian, and I suspect her parents were Asian and Hispanic. I still can’t place her accent though. At times it sounded vaguely Asian, at times vaguely Hispanic, and at times vaguely New Yorker. Sometimes all three at once. Very weird.

I’ll be living in the heart of Tanasbourne, so yay for me. That means I can start buying all my groceries at Haggen again! Too bad they recently stopped being open 24 hours. The fools.

Soon as I get confirmation on the apartment, I’m gonna sign up for Speakeasy’s 6Mbps/768Kbps OneLink DSL package. Soooooo much bandwidth, and without having to pay for phone service! Ha!

I suppose productive weekends aren’t all that bad.