A wildly productive Saturday

I woke up at 8 am this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. That's been happening lately.

Spent the morning grabbing breakfast and purchasing a replacement NIC for the new server at work, which I left half-configured last night after FreeBSD threw fits about the motherboard's built-in NIC. Went to the office, tossed the new card in, and had no luck whatsoever getting it to work.

Over the course of the next few hours, I tried every possible combination of PCI slots and three different NICs, and FreeBSD refused to agree with any of them, despite all of them having official drivers. I left, bought yet another NIC, went back, and still had no luck.

Finally, on a whim, I disabled ACPI and rebooted. Suddenly everything worked perfectly. Sigh.

Worked on the server for another hour or so before the fire alarm went off. I ignored it for a few minutes, but then I saw a bunch of people milling around in the courtyard and realized I was probably the only one still in the building. Sniffing the air for smoke, I grabbed the tapes from the latest backup and headed home. I thought I smelled smoke, but I can't be sure. Maybe the office will still be there on Tuesday.

I spent the evening snooping around apartment complexes. Yeah, I'm moving. Have to do it soon, too, and I still haven't found a place. I discovered that apartment complexes are nicer the closer they are to Hillsboro and crappier the closer they are to Beaverton.

Finally found a complex I liked and called the leasing office. They've got a unit available. I'm gonna tour it tomorrow.

This has been a wildly productive Saturday. That sucks. Saturdays should not be spent this way.