A nifty link button compliments of punchcard

punchcard from ultimatechaos.com sent me the following email:

To celebrate your new site I crafted this lovely 88x31 link button. I send you this file in order to have your advice.


punchcard, you officially rock. I thought I was going to have to do a link button, but you've saved the day. I applaud you. Anyone else who would like to do nice things for me to allow me to devolve even further into a neverending orgy of laziness, please do by all means.

Oh yes, and while you're all doing nice things for me, if you'd like to use punchcard's lovely button to link to wonko.com, the following HTML will do the trick nicely:

<a href="http://wonko.com/">
  <img src="http://wonko.com/images/wonko.png"
      alt="wonko.com" title="wonko.com"
      style="border: 0px; height: 31; width: 88;" />