A coffee conundrum

The following is an exhaustive list of all coffee-related paraphernalia currently to be found in the break room at Kryptiq:

And now, a somewhat less exhaustive list of coffee-related paraphernalia that cannot currently be found in the break room at Kryptiq:

There was once a time when all of the above items could be found in the break room. Then, one by one, they were used up, and no replacements appeared. First, the tiny cups of liquid cream went. Then, a few weeks later, the powdered creamer. Today, the last sugar packet was used. I don't know what magical force spawns these items in break rooms, but it seems that force has forsaken us.

And yet, the office continues to consume coffee. Every morning there are two fresh thermoses full, one normal strength, one double strength. Throughout the day, the thermoses are refilled three or four times each. Either the other coffee drinkers have all decided they like their coffee black, or they have secret hidden caches of coffee additives.

At least the soda machine still has Coke.